Dr. Hemanta Doloi

    B.Eng, M.Eng, PhD (Sydney), MIEAust


Dr. Doloi is currently a Senior Lecturer in Property, Construction and Project Management at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne. He has previously held appointments as Project Manager, Environment and Heritage Programme of the Facility Management Office of the University of Sydney and lecturer at the department of Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney.

He has also gained many years of practical management experience as Civil and Senior Civil Engineers with a German based multinational construction company in Bangkok, Thailand. Notably, Dr. Doloi is a sole author of a book: Life Cycle Project Management - a Systems Based Approach to Managing Complex Projects, VDM Verlag Publisher, (June, 2008), ISBN-10: 3639015088, 384 pages. His experiences and competencies also include: Well skilled in research and development in project management principles, strategic management, life cycle project management methodologies and knowledge required for managing of complex projects, organisations and systems development; Designing and delivering case based short courses, workshops and seminars to corporate clients in project evaluation and economics, Quantitative Risk Assessments and Management, Stakeholder's Impact Analysis and Contemporary Project Management Body of Knowledge.

Dr. Doloi published 80 research papers in international refereed journals and conferences, five book chapters in research books and over 10 corporate training manuals on range of knowledge areas in project management. Dr. Doloi's current research expands over a number of new frontiers including project based approach for sustainable project creation, climate change adaptation, management of cost escalations, infrastructure interdependency and impacts in projects.